Carnival 2019
Dominica’s Carnival – Mas Domnik Begins

The world has come to know us as the most original and spontaneous carnival. We are among the oldest of world carnival’s and much of the tradition are manifestations of the spirit of our ancestors who created a masquerade form incorporating elements from Africa which today we use to display on carnival Monday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday.

This tradition has evolved over the years, still evoking the spirit and passion of the masqueraders with new elements of our infectious rhythms, social commentary in our popular calypso art form.

Jazz & Creole
Dominica’s Jazz & Creole

Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole Festival is a festive fusion of Jazz Music with Creole Music, Food, and Culture. First presented by Discover Dominica Authority in 2010, the festival has been well received each year as patrons appreciate the inviting and casual ambience of one of Dominica’s major tourism attractions.

The festival began as a one day event on Pentecost Sunday and targets at families, couples, and music enthusiasts.

World creole music festival

The DOMINICA’S World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) found a home at the Grammar School Grounds in 1997. WCMF then moved to Pottersville Savannah Grounds and then moved to Windsor Park Sports Stadium (WPSS) in 2007. WPSS is situated at Bath Road in the Commonwealth of Dominica’s main town, Roseau.